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The Red Pill Fitness Personal Training Studio Is A Great Place To Train

Here are key reasons to start your personal training journey with us.

The Programme

At Red Pill Fitness, we focus on strength training, which involves progressively increasing the weight you lift, provided your technique is solid. Our initial targets are an 80 kg bench press, a 120 kg squat, and a 140 kg deadlift. For women, these targets are reduced by 40%. Our aim isn't to turn you into The Hulk, but to sculpt a physique that clearly shows you work out.

The Culture

Our training is challenging, but the environment is friendly and welcoming. There’s plenty of support and banter, especially in our group training programmes. We believe in the power of camaraderie and humour to get you through tough sets. This way, even if you might dread training, you’ll leave feeling motivated and invigorated.

The Facilities

Our facility is exclusively for members, with a cap at 25 to ensure no overcrowding. This means no queues, ample space to work out, and readily available equipment. Here, you’re more than just a number. Our coaches will take the time to understand how your body works and how to maximise your performance. You won’t get lost in the crowd.

Receive A Bespoke Programme That Covers All Bases


Nutrition Coaching

We create a personalised diet plan that's enjoyable, sustainable, and effective, tailored to your body's needs for the results you want.

Your custom diet plan is precisely balanced for macronutrients, based on proven nutrition principles, and designed to fit your schedule, tastes, and lifestyle perfectly.


Lifestyle Audit

We'll conduct a thorough audit of your lifestyle to understand your unique needs, challenges, motivations, and goals.

By examining everything from your sleep patterns and stress levels to your health status, exercise history, and dietary preferences, we create a detailed profile of your training, nutrition, and overall lifestyle.

This comprehensive approach ensures a highly efficient and effective body transformation, perfectly tailored to help you achieve your goals.


Blood Analysis & Tracking

We use a scientific method to show measurable results.

By analysing your blood distribution, we learn about your metabolic and hormonal health.

This insight helps us pinpoint potential hormonal, health, or lifestyle issues.

We then tailor your training, nutrition, and supplements to reduce fat, boost health markers, and enhance your outcomes.

Become Our Next Success Story

"Before I joined the program, I was stressed out, struggling with poor eating habits, and what's delightfully called, 'skinny fat'.

The personal training at Red Pill has completely transformed my physique and life. The tailored workout and nutrition plans have made me fit, toned, and much more confident. The positive attention I've been receiving is overwhelming and a true testament to my trainers' hard work and expertise.

I'm incredibly grateful for this life-changing experience."

"As I young father I was battling with feeling lethargic and down.

Sal crafted a comprehensive program blending strength training, cardio, and nutrition to naturally boost my testosterone.  The transformation has been incredible! I went from having a bad bod to becoming a fit dad. My family is just as amazed and delighted as I am. Now, I have the energy to be active and fully present at home. I deeply value his expertise and continuous support.

For anyone seeking a health and fitness overhaul, I strongly endorse him."

"Before starting the programme I had lost all confidence in my body, covering up was the norm.

With his guidance I've made lasting changes to my lifestyle and diet. Once I committed to the plan, the fat just melted away! My problem areas began to disappear, and I started feeling confident enough to show off my body. It feels like I've been given a new body!

I highly recommend him to anyone who want to attain their dream body."

Why Train With Sal?

With nearly 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, my knowledge far outmatches that of your typical gym personal trainer.

My journey began in the parachute regiment, where I developed a strong foundation in physical conditioning and resilience.

Following my service, I transitioned into IT consulting, which gives me a unique understanding and empathy toward those working in high-pressure careers.

I know the demands that are placed upon you that keep you from being fit, but I also know the solutions.

Don't trust your fitness to a newly qualified PT with no life experience, no matter how many abs they have!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are training sessions?

Our 1-1 sessions are 60 minutes, with our team group sessions being 50 minutes.

What time are training sessions?

We work:

Mon-Fri 0700-2000

Saturdays 0900-1100

Do I need to be fit before I start? 

Not at all, many of our clients have not been to the gym for some time, never lifted weights or are seeing us because they’re struggling with injuries.


Don’t worry, it’s our job is to make you fit!