January 25, 2021

Have you heard the news!?
Joe Wicks raked in £6,000,000 over lockdown with his app!
I’m not a fan, but good on him.
I find Joe reminds me of a puppy:  
Jumping about and continually upbeat – who can hate that!
His program, on the other hand, has a fatal flaw.  
Is it the exercises selection?
Nutrition guidance?
App functionality?
Tbh, a little bit of all but they’re not the killer.
It comes down to one word

Unless you’re a half-wit, you have a basic understanding of what to eat.
Donuts bad, broccoli good!
Exercise selection, hmm, you can be excused!
The problem you face on his and similar apps is:
Nobody gives a sh** if you stick to the programme.
To the guru you’re simply user 1,218,439; Card number #### #### ####
Not an actual person who needs someone to:
– Give you a poke if they can see you haven’t booked in for your usual training session.
– Find out if your knee is still protesting from those b*stard burpees, and altering the programme.
– Or if you slipped that tiramisu into your shopping bag for the third week running! And need your calories number reviewed.
There’s no shame in this, it’s human nature.
The shame is not asking for help.
If you’d like someone to keep you to your word, why not join my online 60-day Lockdown Challenge.  
Email me with ‘accountable‘ as the subject line, and I’ll get you the details.


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