I was asked the other day how long I’d been training.

“20 years, seriously for about 15”.

“Wow, how do you keep going?”

“I listen to my body, it tells me what it needs, and I respond.

Just like when I’m thirsty, I’d take a sip of water,

but most people won’t; they ignore the signals.

If you do this enough times, your signal diminishes in severity, leaving you dehydrated and in worse physical shape.

It’s the same with your body.”

You can feel how weak and sickly you’re becoming.

  It may feel feeble performing simple physical tasks

  Exhaustion and lack of energy

  Or tormented by aches.

These are your signals to respond accordingly.

Too many people are disconnected from their body.

You believe it’s not that serious, it’ll pass or get better.

We both know it only gets worse

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