I’ve been thinking for some time about getting a tattoo.

Somehow Facebook has read my mind and suggested clips from a program called Ink Masters.

The reality show pits contestants against each other in various (tattooing) tasks, the winner becoming Ink Master and $100,000 richer.

Basically, RuPauls’ Drag Race for straight people!

In one episode, tattooing clients ribs was the task.

If you didn’t know, ribs are the most painful place for a tattoo.

One of the tattooists knew the trauma his client would face and gave their client the following advice:

“You can’t take any breaks, if you feel light-headed, cold sweats or whatever, I’ll slow down –

But you can’t stop!

If you do stop halfway through, when you come back to the table it’ll be more painful than it was before.

Do this a couple of times you’ll never come back.

Remember you want this.”

I thought to myself…

That’s not only great advice for tattoos but for fitness too!


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