June 7, 2021

This made me laugh today.

When reading today’s program on the board

My client said

“Jeez Sal, what are you training us for?  

The Apocalypse!”

You see if you don’t have fitness model genetics

You’re going to have to push yourself,

(Or be pushed)

Beyond where you think you need to go.

Sorry to say this…

You’re probably in worst shape than you realise!

It’s not your fault as the people around you are in a similar situation, so it doesn’t seem that obvious.

But you’ll feel it when asked to do simple manual tasks and find yourself gasping for air or tweaking something!

So today, I’m going to put it out there for you to chew on

THIS is what a healthy person under 55 needs to achieve to be in the best shape of your life:


  1. 5 chin-ups with an additional 1/3 bodyweight around your waist,
  2. 100KG Bench press,
  3. 140KG Squat,
  4. 160KG Deadlift,
  5. 80KG Standing Press,
  6. 8-minute mile or 8 minute 2K ergo.


  1. 5 chin-ups with an additional 1/4 bodyweight around your waist,
  2. 50KG Bench press,
  3. 120KG Squat,
  4. 140KG Deadlift,
  5. 40KG Standing Press,
  6. 9-minute mile or 9-minute 2K ergo.

How many of these are you able to check off?


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