On Friday I had a conversation with a woman who in her words

“Is addicted to sugar”

She told me how whenever she gets stressed or bored she reaches for sweets, chocolates or ice cream.

I’m not convinced sugar is an addiction

If there are people on the streets giving sexual favours for a bag of Haribo I’d be more convinced!

Sugar addiction is a habit.

A habit is an action you take without thought

If that action elevates your feelings positively, it becomes ingrained

So if one time you’re stressed and you eat some sweets, you’ll experience a dopamine hit that’ll change your mood

Do this enough times and this positive feedback loop becomes a habit.

One way to break a habit is to remove the convenience factor.

Imagine the previous situation, if you had to:

1. Get changed

2. Drive 20 minutes

3. Walk another 10 minutes to the store for your favourite sweets

You wouldn’t do it – an addict would!

The problem is nowadays you can use your phone to get anything at the click of a button, or the treats you crave are a few doors down.

If you want to break your sweets habit, make getting your treats as inconvenient as possible

Like installing an app that blocks Deliveroo!

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