October 11, 2021

I’ve moved out of my flat last weekend.


However, I get the keys to my new place this coming Saturday!


Annoyingly, I had to find somewhere to sleep over the next week.

A good friend kindly offered to take me in.

But I was nervous as they’d recently bought a beautiful new flat.

His minimalist style and pristine table tops are at odds with my Tornado Chique!

So I um’d and ah’d over it, but finally, I took him up on the kind offer.

So, how am I finding it?

Well this morning I woke up to see the flat in a mess.

(Well messy)

I felt a little stupid as I did what I tell my students not to do.

And that is to compare yourself to others.

You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, we only see what we’re allowed to see.

(Or what escapes!)

Many times we create our own narrative on how we are feeling.

We then unfairly compare ourselves to the fantasy.

Your goal is to be you, but better.

How others are doing should be a motivation, not a reason that negatively affects your behaviour or psychology.


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