May 24, 2021

I’m wondering, would you click on the following job ad?

“Never worry about money again!  Become financially independent in under a year, no experience needed!”


What about if there was a picture of a happy guy on a yacht holding a fat wad of cash?

Still no?

Then why would you believe a weight-loss ad that promises to undo decades of poor lifestyle choices in a few weeks or months?

You see, flattening your stomach isn’t simply about calories in calories out.

It is in a lab, but we don’t live in labs!

Weight is a reflection of overall health, not just total calorie consumption.

The real issue that lengthens your journey is dealing with things you refuse to let go of:

Stress, substance abuse, poor sleep quality, alcohol, cigarettes, codependent relationships; to name a few!

It’s not just about adding exercise and a better diet.

It’s about how quickly (if at all), are you willing to give up your poison?

If not

Those things will be anvils dragging you down!

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