August 6, 2021

Let me tell you a story about an old client of mine.

(Let’s call him Al)

Al lost 10kg of fat, packed on an impressive amount of muscle and resolved his hip pain.

However, he became fixated by the shape of his chest.

Al had what’s called a sunken chest.

That’s a condition where your sternum hasn’t formed properly, and you’re left with a concave middle chest.

Looks like you were shot with a cannonball!

As a result, he struggled to grow pecs.

Each session he would highlight the area, asking me to change the programme accordingly.

But there was nothing I could do.

Certain things you can only influence.  It’s up to the big G how they progress.

But there is something he could do.

That’s stop focusing on the destination.

When you start a fitness programme your body will begin to change.

Targeting a certain area is for more advanced trainees and never dramatic.

If the area you dislike doesn’t change, the rest of you will be a hell of a lot better than it is now!

Appreciate that.

None of you reading this are supermodels.

You all have your own physical imperfections.

But fixating on those will only lead to a lifetime of misery.


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