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"To look at me now, you may never guess - but I wasn’t athletic at all at school. I had asthma, so the idea of gasping on the field encouraged me to avoid all things physical.  Read More...

After university, I went to work in The City as an IT Consultant. However, I quickly realised that it didn’t fill me with enthusiasm! So as my lungs improved, I decided to take on the enormous challenge of becoming a Paratrooper!

After months of brutal training, I went on to earn not just my maroon beret, but the prize for the top recruit on the course.

The physicality of being a paratrooper appealed far more than long hours sitting at a desk - and the unhealthy lifestyle that comes with it. So I formed a plan for my future that combined the two - I quit my job, qualified as a fitness coach and founded my fitness business in 2009.

My passion comes from seeing my clients go from disliking all thing fitness (as I did), to loving their new body and never missing a workout!"


ops manager

"I’ve been told by Sal, I’m the one who holds it all together at Red Pill Fitness.

Being a mother of two young children I guess I’ve had good experience running things like clockwork!  Read More...

In my spare time, I love all things wildlife and assist in returning hedgehogs to the wild from my local hedgehog rescue."



"It was a bank robbery where I worked that introduced me to counselling; after men in balaclavas rushed into the bank and held a shotgun to my face he was sent for counselling to deal with the trauma. Having experienced talking therapy first hand, I knew then that this was the path I wanted to take."  Read More...

I has been working in counselling for more than 20 years now. My view is “you cannot change where you come from, but you can change where you are going.” People are often unaware of the baggage they carry from the past which influences their actions but I'm is able to show them how to deal with it and change their lives.

You will find me a warm, challenging and inspiring counsellor."