June 23, 2021

Over the weekend I went for coffee with my brother-in-law.

He’d put on quite a few pounds over the lockdown and wanted advice.

“Sal, I hate the gym; how am I supposed to get results from my small collection of dumbells?

The short answer is.

“Your not”.

There’s a reason a gym has more than one set of dumbbells and an exercise mat.

You’ll need more weight and equipment to progress; 

Be prepared to invest £5-10K in a home gym!

As for not liking the gym,

You’re not supposed to like the gym!

If you do, that’s a bonus, not a requirement.

It’s not Disneyland!

You’re at the gym for a result, and that result doesn’t come easy.

Getting out of shape comes from indulging every whim, requiring instant gratification and looking for comfort.

Get used to being uncomfortable


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