Recently I watched Jermey Clarkson thoughts on the Tesla Model X

Jeremy viewed it as the car of the future, thanks to amazing features such as:

The car driving to you when called via the key fob & the ease at which it drove itself to your destination!

I was amazed too until it dawned on me…

We’re moving to a future where walking to your car 10 meters would be seen as weird!

Or the strenuous act of driving is too much!

What will the state of your health be in the future!!!???
There’s a fine line between convenience and laziness.

The last year has taught you, you need to move more.

Every step, squat, bend is needed to stop your body from looking like a bag of milk!

Those who are able to maintain a healthy weight year-round are the most active daily.

They understand the 23 hours a day we spend outside the gym are far more important than the one hour we exercise.

So beware of activities like taking the lift, standing on the elevator, taking taxis or getting your shopping delivered,

Cumulatively you’re missing out on a boatload of calorie burn!

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