Shoreditch Personal Trainer Specialising in Coaching Business Owners 35+, to Trim Down, Re-Energise and Live Pain-Free

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What makes us different

Friendly & Supportive

Train with like-minded individuals with a common goal, in a friendly, supportive environment that makes you look forward to your next session.

All under one roof

Benefit from an integrated approach that covers nutrition, physiotherapy, strength and mindset training all under one roof.

Proven System

Follow a proven H.A.W.K.S System that has taken 100’s of novice lifter from nervous and out of shape to strong, confidence fitness enthusiasts.

Your Plan for Success


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Attend a 30-minute problem-solving appointment, so we can go through your goals in more detail and see we are a good match for one another.


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Get excited because your life is soon changing in astounding ways with our H.A.W.K.S System.

Book a complimentary 10-minute fitness strategy call

Success Stories

Why We’re different

Many professionals are highly driven and successful in the work place, yet struggle to stay in control of their health & fitness. You may have noticed some aches and pains creeping in, and your body not responding the way it used to years ago.

I’ve created a programme, for busy Londoners who want a healthy body, they can be proud of without completely sacrificing their lifestyle.

The H.A.W.K.S system has been designed to help you lose weight, tone up, have more energy, and feel more confident without having to train for hours in the gym like a bodybuilder or eat a boring bland diet of broccoli and chicken.

When you follow the H.A.W.K.S system you will:

  • Lose fat despite eating a few treats and enjoying a glass or two
  • Sleep soundly by resolving current injuries and long-term niggles
  • Look impressive naked by replacing your fat with lean muscle
  • Have confidence in your body by developing functional strength

Book a complimentary 10-minute fitness strategy call