April 30, 2021

Is there a way to guarantee results from training?

It’s a common question.

Is it consistency?

Hard work?

A particular programme?

Kinda, but at the top, I’d put:


Are you getting stronger or faster than you were last time around

It’s doesn’t need to be magnitudes better

As we’re in the long game, and all results are accumulative.

Martial arts are the best at showing progress as you’re graded as your skills increase.

The problem is nobody is grading you

And if you grade yourself it’s based on a feeling

Which doesn’t always reflect reality

For example, there may be one exercise you hate, that hammers you

Making that whole workout seem like hell itself

But “where’s the data?”

You can’t improve what you haven’t measured

And that measure will reflect where you are,

And how far from your desired results you currently are

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