The other day I was sitting in a coffee shop overlooking the counter.

A lady came in and ordered a muffin and an almond latte.


Her friend asked why she’d changed from regular milk to an alternative?


She answered:

“I’m trying to cut down on dairy, I heard it’s bad for you.”

Now, whether milk is bad for you or not is a topic for another blog

(Cliff Notes, it’s not!)


But I thought to myself:

“She’s just ordered a muffin packed with sugar, trans fats and chemicals, but doesn’t drink milk!?”

Whether she has milk or not will make no difference to her health.


When it comes to health many of you like to major in the minor.

Indeed, my industry makes billions creating solutions to problems that don’t exist.

Or shortcuts that you know don’t work, but you bought anyway!

I’m sure you have a piece of exercise equipment in your house you’ve used less than a handful of times!


80% of your results come from changing 20% of your lifestyle habits.


The problem is they’re not sexy and not as easy to change as milk for an alternative.

That being said, those unsexy changes will make you sexy!



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