The most striking difference between the diet of those with a healthy weight and the overweight is…

The lack of fruit and veg ate by the latter.

For optimal health, you need to be hitting 10+ portions per day.

Now I get that 10+ isn’t easy.

It’s been a battle of mine for many years!

I was the frustrating child that would wretch when presented with veggies or needed my fruit cut up!

Through a change in mindset, I’ve overcome my juvenile tastebuds and developed a routine you may wish to consider:

– Breakfast; Eggs with X1 veg + freshly squeezed OJ & X1 soft fruit

– Snack; Raspberries with yoghurt

– Lunch; Half a fruit smoothie and a meal with X1 veg

– Dinner one portion of veg with the meal and X2 fruit for desert

Just in case you are concerned, fruit will not make you fat, there aren’t any obese people who got that way from too many apples!

(Toffee apples, maybe!)

One last tip, if you REALLY hate fruit and veg, blend them together or a smoothie.

Notice I said blend; juicers remove too much of the fibre.

You need that to keep your blood sugar levels under control, and to keep you regular!

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