Today I’m going to share with you 3 steps to regain your pre lockdown weight whilst still stuck at home, and you don’t even need to get sweaty!
And if you stick to the end I give you my secret carb trick that’ll give you results on the scales!

The chief complaint I get when I’m working with someone on controlling their food is, it gets boring.
Classic example, “Sal I’m bored of chicken.”
When someone tells me this I know it’s not the food that’s the issue, I mean most people could eat chicken nuggets and KFC without boredom!  What it’s telling me is you lack cooking skills.
-Use the time stuck at home to learn some new recipes.  Sorry to say but if you cook just British foods it’s boring and bland – there are dozens of chicken curries you could make all that taste drastically different. You just need to put some effort in!

Here’s a red pill; Many times you used the excuse of, I don’t have enough time. Now that you’re no longer commuting or travelling for work it doesn’t hold water.  I guarantee you there is someone busier and more successful than you that trains. Noone has the time you have to make it!

Speaking of chicken curries the next tip is to make your own takeaways are junk.
-Personally this has been a game changer for my guys on the HAWKS system.  The secret sauce to this strategy is I guarantee you’ll eat less.
-Takeaway curry: poppadoms, bagji, naan, rice, X2 curries and a few beers. Most people at home would only have one curry and some rice and possibly not even have a beer, so you’ll consume about 500% less!

Also when you see what goes into your favourite treats it’ll turn your stomach, a simple banana cake can have over 200g of sugar and 100g in butter that’s around 1,800 kcals from just these two ingredients! You may even make a version with less fattening ingredients and you defo don’t want all the chemicals and E numbers standard in these foods!

Manage your carbs is #3. It’s not that carbs are bad, it’s that they’re easy to cut down without noticing. 200g rice to 150g it’s not a huge deal but it’ll save you 200 kcal difference.
– Carbs are also our fuel source when performing physical activity, so if you’re sitting on your ass most of the day you’re going to overeat them and slow fat oxidation.
My favourite tweaks to get the scales to move is on non-training days is eat only carbs from fruit, no bread, grains or starchy carbs – you need to earn those carbs. On training days 1 meal for woman and 2 for guys with non-veg carbs. NB this isn’t what I’d recommend if you’re trying to put on muscle!

Here’s a red pill; losing is all about what you put in your mouth. Use the time you have to build a menu of food you know the macro content, you enjoy and can make with your eyes closed.  If you don’t invest your time now, those folds won’t be going anywhere when the world reopens!

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