A few weekends ago, I came home to find a squirrel in my bed!

As I entered it saw me and bolted out the window.

When I inspected the bed, the squirrel had torn my bedsheets and eaten the box of shortbread left on the window sill!

Over the next few days, we’d see him peering through the window, wondering if we’d left him some more biscuits!

I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.

So after a week or so, he gave up but not after

(and I’m not joking),

He did a s**t on my window ledge!

Just like my squirrel friend, gorging on sweet foods will make you want more.

So if you’re struggling, get someone to help you go cold turkey.

(Lock the treats away, or take the junk out of the shopping trolley are a few examples)

Yes, you’ll feel crappy for a week but it’ll pass.

Your tastebuds will readjust, and you’ll be free of your cravings.

Just like my squirrel, who I’m sure is back to eating healthy nuts!


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