The other day I got out of bed and saw a swelling appear in the middle of my stomach.

It reminded me of that scene from the film Alien.

When the baby alien explodes out of the victim’s body!

I thought to myself

Shit, I’ve got a hernia!

So I went to see a physio

On inspection they told me:

“It’s not a hernia now, but it could become one if you continue lifting as heavy as you do.”

I saw a red mist

“Could?’, fuck ‘could!’  What are the chances?”

“We don’t know”

“Then why would I stop!?”

I’ve reached an age where I’m classed as fragile.

I’m not even 40, and the recommendation is to take it easy!

How many other people have taken that advice and shut up shop because someone in worse physical health thinks it’s time!

Being fit, strong and physically robust takes risk.

That’s why so few people are.

  – There’s a risk to investing in a coach

  – Risk in logging off at 1800 and going to the gym

  – Risk in saying ’no’ to actions that disagree with your path

So it seems safe to go light, slow down or give up.

Risk is part of life

It’s how we went from pond scum to the dominant species.

Life was easy as a single cell organism!

None of us can tell the future.

Don’t stop doing something that adds fulfilment to your life

If needs be, adapt



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