Over the past week, I’ve been experimenting with my moustache shape.


I’m looking to grow a chevron.


This style of moustache was made famous by Tom Selleck in the TV Series Magnum PI.


(The good 1980’s version, not the new one!)


For those of you who are follically challenged, like me!


There’s an in-between time when growing hair long.


It’s a point when it’s not neat and short, but it’s also not the length where you can style it.


So why do I tell you this?


The journey of a new style mimics that of a fitness journey.


There’s the initial rush of enthusiasm.


And within a few weeks, you’ve got more energy, fewer aches and you start checking yourself out in the bathroom mirror!


This initial elation is followed by the middle bit.


When you don’t feel bad, but progress seems to be stalling.


The fitness doldrums.


Like me and my current Freddie Mercury moustache, you have to persevere through this time or all the previous growth (pun intended!) – will be for nothing.


And you never get to experience your full potential.

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