September 8, 2021

A large proportion of our clients at RPE are 50+
With our oldest client being 65
(This morning he deadlifted 75KG!)

These guys always have a different perspective on life and are a joy to coach.
(With age comes less ego!)
The only thing I can say about this demographic is they’re far more deluded about their health than younger guys.
On meeting them for the first time I ask:
“Are you currently exercising?”
The answer I usually get back is
“I walk”
To which I reply
The only person that doesn’t walk is in a wheelchair!  
This usually gets a chuckle, but I’m being serious.
Walking doesn’t count.
It’s the lowest rung on the ladder; like paying the minimum on your credit card.
It may make you feel better but you’re not making a dent!

If you’re not partaking in structured training, you are not fit.
Let that sink in.

It’s like the guy who tells me he’s wealthy because he’s 5 figures in his current account but has no investments or savings.
What happens when sh1t hits the fan?
And in life shit is going to increasingly hit the fan the older you get.
The body you’ve built through training will dictate the outcome when your health fails.
Do not leave this to chance.

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