September 18, 2021

Losing the first chunk of weigh isn’t that complicated.


So I’m on a diet.


Well, actually I’ve been through a stressful period and that’s stunted my appetite.


So I was like, let’s make the most of this!


I’d hit 97KG.


That’s 7KG heavier than I’d ever been!


So it’s not bad timing.


Because when you hit a new weight category your body will get use to its new bulk and the new weight will become your baseline.


And it’ll take about twice the amount of time you’ve been that weight, to successfully lose it!


In the last four weeks, I’ve lost about 5KG, and I have another 2 I’d like to lose.


I thought I share the five things I’ve been doing:

1. Reducing the number of times I bought food from outside to once.

2. I’ve stopped using sauces or condiments.

3. I reduced my saturated fat (butter, full-fat milk) and upped my polyunsaturated (Omega 3) intake.

4. I Swapped my coffee and pastry for coffee and protein bar.

5. Swapping pints and cocktails, for bottles of light beer.


Losing the first chunk of weight isn’t that complicated.


There’s no need to read 300-page books on what to do.


You know what to do, you just don’t want to.


At RPF we realize that weight loss is mental as much as it’s physical.


If you need the accountability and mindset coaching to lose those ugly rolls visit:

Red Pill Fitness


Check out my latest YouTube video: Fat Loss For Busy Parents


Or read my previous blog: Fat Loss For Busy Parents




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