April 21, 2021

Exciting times here at Red Pill Fitness

We’re currently going through a £10,000 refurb!

Yesterday was the flooring delivery

52 mats weighing 1,080KG dropped off at the entrance

The studio is up 5 flights of stairs!!!

(I had a waterfall running down my face and back once they’d all been lugged)

Even though my deadlift is 212 kilos moving a single 50 kilos mat was taxing.

When training, everything is set up symmetrically and the equipment ergonomically.  

In the real world, it’s not like that.

Lifting an awkward shape can tax your back and joints as though you were lifting a heavier weight.

The stronger you become from training, the bigger the buffer you develop, stopping you from snapping, tearing or rupturing something!

Lifting heavy won’t just make you look great naked, you’ll become a useful member of society that doesn’t break at the first sign of difficulty


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