I’m often asked if I’m from a family of athletes or are my parents into sports?

It couldn’t be further from the truth!

My parents are boffins!

Not only that

My father had three heart blockages thanks to his poor eating habits!

My father despite his significant health scares was never able to keep the weight off!

He would always start with motivation but then go back to his old ways.

And what I found most distressing was my mother would buy and cook him foods that could finish him off!

(He doesn’t have a large life insurance policy, [that I know of!])

You see, when you’re overweight and unhealthy, your partner is complicit.

You can’t get +10KG overweight without them signing off on it.

Trust me, I’ve seen wives leave their shlub of a husband cuz they thought they could do better!

And partners who came to see me just to stop their other half from nagging!

And willpower is hard enough to keep without your partner eating a pack of Doritos while you’re dieting!

You’ll need their support

So bring them along in your journey – you’ll both have a happier relationship for it.

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