January 29, 2021

I cracked

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I gave into my one vice.

!!!Fried chicken!!!

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken- I’m not a heathen!)

You see my partner has been on a diet and I’ve been supporting her.

But she was out for the day and I had been fantasising about that moment all week!

After I’d gorged myself, I slyly put the evidence in the neighbour’s bins!


And so I thought!!!???

Since Sunday my guts have been turning over like a cement mixer :/

I’ve not been two steps away from the toilet all week :O

You see, you can hide your dietary indiscretions from the world, but not your body.

You can wear support underwear.

Get undressed in the dark, but your body knows what’s up

…And it’s telling you clearly.

If you listened to it, what would it be urging you to do?

If you don’t like what you hear get your ass in gear and sign-up for my 60-day Lockdown Challenge it’ll change your life trajectory – No BS!

Email me with ‘KFC” as the subject line, and I’ll get you the details. sal@redpillfit.co.uk


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