December 10, 2021

I hate my new breakfast.

For the last 16 months, I have been enjoying three scrambled eggs with onions and avocado.

But having had a few minor health issues and entering flu season, I thought it’s time to up my fiber intake.

I’ve committed to eating porridge for the next six months.


If you’re interested, my bowl contains:

Nut butter,
Mixed seeds,


This roughly gives me 50% of the fibre I need to consume in a day, so a few more fruit and veg, and I’ve hit my number!

The problem is I dislike the taste and consistency of my new breakfast.

It’s gunky and stodgy!

So why would I commit to such a timeframe if I dislike the meal so much?


To keep the belly fat at bay, there are four rules you’ll need to follow.

1. Be consistent about what you eat

2. Be conscious of what your food contains.

3. Stop always concerning yourself about taste!

4. Understand any change you make will take 3-6 months to become noticeable.


If you’re unhappy with your weight, how many of the four do you follow?


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