I watched a video last night, which got me thinking:

It was titled

‘No one is coming to save you’

The woman spoke about the difference between when we’re children and adults.

As children, we have our parents to make us do the things we don’t want to, like:

– Get up,

– Brush your teeth

– Eat your vegetables

Without their encouragement, you’d never have done any of things!

Compare this to when you’re an adult

You have to do your own parenting…

Now you wait for motivation to push you forward.

You don’t make decisions based on your goals or on what you know you need to do

But on how you feel right now!?

“I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll order a takeaway.”

“I feel tired after a days work, I won’t train today.”

Sound familiar?

“You’re never going to feel like doing the things you need to do, in order to have what you want.”

So stop waiting to feel like it!

Accept you’ll always have to push yourself and do it.

Or you may well miss your shot

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