Been sitting on your ass saying:

"you'll start tomorrow?" 

What's wrong with now!?


We call our members HAWKS - they're sharp, high flyers and focused. You may not feel that way now, but our system will get you there:


An open and transparent conversations about your goals and concerns. Ensure we make the right choice.


Where are you right now? Start your program at the level your at, then create a training and nutrition plan to smash your goals.

weight training

Build some lean muscle to rebuild your metabolism and create body confidence.


Fix your movement patterns, lengthen tight muscles and create a resilient body.


Timely check-ins with a coach to assess progress, set goals and keep you accountable.

Options / packages

1-1 Training

  • 1-1. Nervous and self-conscious about your current fitness levels, or not into training within a group.
  • Have access to priority 60-minutes time slots.
  • Our 1-1 program is designed to build your physicality and confidence in your abilities. Allowing you to join a group at a later stage if you wish.
  • Receive 6-star service by training with our most senior coach.

Team Training

  • Team Training 4-1. Pretty confident you know your way around a gym or like the idea of making new friends.
  • Through our booking app have access to seven 50-minute slots Monday - Friday and two on Saturday.
  • Our small group is the perfect balance of attention and freedom. Our coaches are there when you need them with something heavy, but you don’t need them when performing a bicep curl.
  • Make lasting friendships that will motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than the usual quick fix.


  • Rehabilitation, suffering over a niggle - now's the perfect time to fix them. Start building your body with a strong foundation.
  • Heal up quicker and for good by receiving therapy alongside strengthening exercises.
  • Accelerate your physical changes by not being held back by pain.
  • Know exactly what your issues are. Work with a therapist and coach to speed up the process.


  • Dramatically improve your fitness & strength levels from the comfort of your own home.
  • You will be guided through our process that keeps you constantly motivated & accountable to get the results you've always wanted, regardless of your past experience.
  • Our nutritional guidance will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy the most and still get stunning results.
  • Gain more energy throughout the day.
  • Build your self esteem, transform your confidence levels, and see your clothes fitting better than before.

frequently asked questions

What are your working hours?

We have multiple sessions throughout the day, our earliest is 0700 and our last at 1800 Mon - Fri. We also have 10 & 11 on Saturday.

Will I need to be training outside our sessions?

If you choose to train with us three times per week (our most popular package), we do not suggest you do this unless it’s something low intensity like swimming. Trust us, you’ll be well worked!

Are there showers & changing facilities?

Yes, we have both, however, to ensure your sessions start on time.

What if I want to join the team sessions but don't have three friends to join with me?

You can join on your own, whomever books in for that session will train with you. You may be on your own, or up to three others.

How long are your programmes?

Our programmes, in general, are a minimum of 12-weeks.

Can I move between 1-1 and team?

Yes, many of our members do one month of 1-1 and then join the team.

Do you train people who've never lifted before?

90% of our members have never been trained on how to lift weights. We experienced coaching novice lifters, in fact, we prefer them as we don’t need to unteach bad habits!

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