If you want to be lean, high energy and healthy taking control of your food is vital!
If I were to distill the most successful nutrition strategy into one sentence, it would be:
Make better food choices
It’s not about 
The amount of food
The composition of food
Or when you eat

It’s as simple as
Eating whole foods 80% of the time
That’s mainly lean meat, fruit, veg, and grains
Either as a simple meal like chicken, green beans and mash
Or made into a recipe
It makes little difference if the food is high calorie
It’s the crap that you’re eating when not at the dinner table that making the difference
As it’s processed and packed with sugar, fat, and chemical

Here’s an experiment
If you’re looking to lose weight, only eat during meal times and when sitting at the meal table
Nothing on the sofa, in the car or when out of the house
See how that affects your weight.
Get back to me next week and tell me how much you’ve lost


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