“Sal, you’ve given me fitspiration!”

My client was referring to an Instagram post I made last week.

It’s me in (my twenties) at the gym, shirtless and ripped. 

(It was taken a day before I was crowned the South East Bodybuilding Champion).

I thought to myself,  

If only she knew what I had to go through to get that physique!

I suffered:

  • A break-up
  • An eating disorder
  • And health issues.

And worst of all…

I kept the ‘look’ for about 4 days before it was gone!

Thin, skinny, ripped, shredded are NOT health markers.

And health is what you must aim for.

Many of the most unhealthy people you know easily fit into a S-M tee.

They’re generally the people that train for a look, not performance.

Be wary of what you’re looking at, as you may find yourself drawn into a bad place in search of physical perfection.


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