Last week I spoke with a guy who weighed 160 kilos.

To his credit, he had lost 30 kilos over the last few months through a diet.

He wanted my opinion on diet camps as he didn’t feel he was losing weight fast enough.

My response was it was a waste of time and money.


“Never adopt a dietary strategy you cannot keep to! “, I said.


You see, if you’re unhappy with your health, there are no quick fixes.

Whatever you do to get your weight down needs to be sustainable.

What happens when there’s no one there to motivate you to skip a dessert?


Successful weight loss has two stages:

Stage 1: The reduction of fat.

Stage 2: The maintenance of your new state.

(The latter is rarely considered, and the hardest of the two.)


Especially if you’re heavily overweight (10+ kilos), your heart health should be a priority.

Your heart won’t remain working because you were a normal weight for three weeks in 2018!

It’ll stop because of your current state!


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