January 29, 2021
The other day I read a meme that said:

“You know you’re old when you start researching air fryers.”

Put your hand up if you’ve already done it!

Well, I can top that signpost of old fartdom!

Yesterday I ordered…

And I’m super excited about this!

Some blinds for the bedroom.

Yes, I’m that sad, but listen up!

They’re not ordinary blinds, they’re black-out blinds.

What’s the difference?

Well, light from the street, cars and electrical appliances affect your sleep quality.

And that poor sleep leaves you increasingly irritable around the home, and in the Covid-era:


It’s not a surprise it’s a terrible time for mental health and a fantastic time for divorce lawyers!

It may not be easy to look after your waistline during the lockdown, but there are simple tweaks you can do to boost your wellness.

Don’t treat your health in an all or nothing manner.

What could you do right now to boost performance, mental health or ease sore muscles?

If you want to look at all aspects of health and wellness sign-up for my 60-day Lockdown Challenge it’ll change your life trajectory – No BS!

Email me with ‘old” as the subject line, and I’ll get you the details. sal@redpillfit.co.uk


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