Today I’m going to share with you 3 steps to burn stubborn belly fat for long term results, even if you’re stuck at home!  Stick around till the end I’ll tell you the secret that naturally skinny people use to keep themselves thin that requires no exercise, or strict eating habits!

Have you tried to lose belly fat before and failed miserably?  Then this article is exactly what you need to hear!

Spoiler, this is not about eating kale and how many miles you need to run

I’ll tell you why even if your portions are small, you’re pilling on the  pounds

Why an emphasis on cardio is making it harder for you to lose fat!

And I’ll tell you how to burn 1000’s of extra calories by not exercising at all, and no, it’s not a supplement!


Your frustrated purging your diet, losing fat only to see it comes back interest

You’re not lazy, but you don’t have the time to train 5 days a week

Struggle with motivation, and need a manageable plan that get results overtime, not just at the beginning

Looking for a plan that works around your life, not the other way around!  I mean there has to be some joy in life – you’re not a monk!

So what are the top three secrets to  rid yourself of stubborn belly fat!?  Here’s how…

#1 Be aware of the type of calories your eating.
– Most overweight people eat too many calorie-dense foods and drink, so your portions may be small but the amount of calories per gram is high. 
Compare an apple to apple juice.  A glass may have around 200 calories, whereas an apple only 50.  Now you might say, if I ate 4 apples it would match the calories and juice content, but who eats 4 apples in one go!  That’s the point calorie-dense food is super easy to overeat while the unprocessed variant is filling. 
These calories dense food are generally full of fat and sugar, like a pizza!  You can eat 3,000 calories in a few minutes and feel hungry again soon after. Don’t look at the volume amount of food your eating, look at the calories

#2 Swop your cardio for building muscle mass
– When you increase your muscle mass through resistance training your metabolism accelerates!  When you perform extensive cardio like running or cycling you burn fat but also muscle.  So why is this bad?
– A pound of muscle mass is 50 calories burnt when resting but that’s not the whole story, more muscle can burn 100’s if not 1000’s more calories per day without you spending hours lifting!
Let me give a few examples:
– With strong legs you’re going to stand and take the stairs more often
– Stronger arms you’ll find carrying things easier, so you’ll carry more in one go, or for longer
– All these tasks may sound minor, calorie by calorie they all add up till you’re a fat burning machine!
– Doing mainly cardio will rob you of these calories, leaving you only with what was burnt performing the activity. It’s not important how much fat you burn during an hour of exercise, it matters what you’re burning during the other 23!

#3 {Now here’s the secret skinny people use to start that way year round}
– They have hight NEAT levels!
– Now what’s NEAT you may ask..  NEAT is all the activity you perform when not exercising
– Let’s be candid, you’d rather be sitting than standing, you’re eyeing a seat on the tube or you’re more likely to take the lift over the stairs – I’m not judging you, All those extra pounds take a toll on your back and joints.  The problem is, the more you rest and sit the fewer calories you burn.
– This isn’t a problem naturally lean people have, they are always moving!  Running, taking two stairs at a time, nicking around town.  All that movement burn a shit tonne of calories!
-For example,10,000 steps burns roughly 350 calories = pound of fat loss every week without a gym or diet!  On my program, we harness the power of NEAT along with diet and exercise for jaw-dropping results!

– Finally, be confident and happy with your body whether on the beach or in front of your significant other
– Keep the weight off permanently, without crazy diets or insane workouts
– Stabilise your energy levels so you don’t crash, rebound, then crash again!  Leaving you exhausted and irritable.

1. Once again try it alone or on the cheap leaving you back where you started, mostly bigger and unhappier

2. Get my help and support so you can get there faster, cuz you’ve removed the guesswork and have a proven expert and system that’s already helped 100’s of people just like you

It’s ok to ask for help, you’re not expected to do it alone. Every top athlete has a coach and you already employ experts to manage tasks you can’t do…

Those who think they know it all, if you did, you wouldn’t have watched this video!
– If you’re not committed, I give 100%, I expect the same effort level from you

Jump on a call with me, where we’ll chat about whats holding you back from your goals, and how we can best get you there.

If you want to finally achieve the body you feel you deserve, get the respect of those around you and fit into the clothes you want to wear click the link below and we’ll speak soon!


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