July 7, 2021

In between sessions, I went for a coffee over the road from the studio.

As I sat drinking, in the distance, I saw an old man struggling to push a trolley down the road.

The poor man’s posture had deteriorated to a hunch,

It reminded me of the shape of a Quaver!

Although the road was flat, he struggled with the sparsely filled trolley

The thing may as well have been on a gradient

Every two steps, he stopped, and the trolley seemed to roll back towards him!

It was a sorry sight.

I thought to myself, how did he let it get so bad!?

In the past, disease would kill you overnight.

But now medical science is keeping you alive long enough to slowly fall apart.

Unless you check in with yourself

You get a little sicker each day

Until you’re ’that’ guy struggling to live life!

What signs are you ignoring?


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