December 21, 2021

Would you rather take £100,000 today

Or £1,000 per month for thirty years?

You may think taking the latter is a no-brainer.

But if I put this choice in the context of fitness and health;

You would take the 100k!

You sacrifice short-term satisfaction for long success.

Trying to reverse years of poor lifestyle choices

Through a mix of extreme diets and an oppressive workout schedule isn’t possible,

Because the effort level and inconvenience are UNSUSTAINABLE.

You don’t keep the benefits when you stop making payments.

Whatever sacrifices you made, you’ll have to continue


So you better make sure whatever you undertake is sustainable!

Your blood work doesn’t care that you were a healthy BMI for three weeks in 2005!

If your current waste has its own gravitational pull.

You’re still f***ed

The sooner you accept that healthy living is part of your life forever,

The easier it’ll be to escape the need for short term success

And soon you’ll trust the long-term process and surpass what you thought is possible.


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