Any form of exercise that makes you lose weight is slowly killing you.

Let that sink in


Muscle mass, Bone density, Cartilage, Hormone secretion

Are just a few of the vital resources you lose as you age.

If you’ve chosen a form of exercise with a heavy endurance component, it’s prematurely ageing you!

Before you have a hissy fit,

Yes, I do recommend you have a decent cardio base,

But there are more efficient ways to build your cardiovascular fitness.

Such as shorter distances at faster paces

(But that’s hard, and you don’t like to do that!)

The guy that runs the 400m isn’t magnitudes less fit than the 5k runner.

Unless your sport is endurance racing, avoid it.

Just look at the physiques of the top guys in endurance events, is that what you’re hoping will make you look impressive naked?

Like you spent lockdown in a Goolag!?

When you lose weight on the scale from these activities, you’re not losing 100% fat.

There’s water, muscle mass, cartilage, bone density

All things you want to keep!

You’ll find our highly effective HAWKS System is designed to promote these tissues’ growth to make you feel 10-years younger!

If you’re ready, email me with the word ‘running’ and I’ll forward you the details.


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