October 21, 2021

When getting in shape,

and I’m talking for a lifetime, not an event where once completed you let yourself go!

You need a lifestyle change, not simply finding time in your calendar to work out.

I mean, getting under the bar a few times a week is commendable, but it’s not enough for life-changing results.

(Why put in all that effort if you don’t feel like you could run through a fricking mountain!)

What many fail to recognize is the results you get from training are heavily impacted by what you do outside of it.

– If you’re not sleeping enough

– You drink daily

– You cannot resist the sweet isle

– Meals are skipped


–  You’re not managing your mental health.

Even the perfect program will not give you the results you are after.

As your mother told you:

“You cannot have your cake and eat it!”



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