The average age of a client at RPF at the moment is 47.

40+ is a specialist demographic as the fitness industry is geared to men in their 20’s = early 30’s.

One message I always get pushed back against is:

It’s not just good enough to have a fitness coach when you pass 35,

It would help if you also had an excellent physical therapist you routinely see a few times a month.

EVEN if you’re not in pain!


The other day one of my students challenged me on this:

“Why do I need to waste money on a therapist if I feel fine!?

It’s a waste of time and money! “

To which I answered:


“Think of your body like a classic car that came off the production line the day you were born.

(For this student it would have been an Aston Martin DB5)

Every accident or injury you’ve suffered was matched by the car suffering a crash.

Not only that, but you have to drive that beat-up car every day.

Oh, and

[If you’re working out]

You’re taking it to the race track three times per week.”


If you were the owner of that car, what would you have to do to keep the car from breaking down?

A hell of a lot more than if you just took the keys to a brand new BMW!


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