December 21, 2021

I’m quite a history buff.

Having studied it at university, I’m always down for TV programmes or documentaries with a

historical edge.

One of my favourite programs at the moment is ‘Forged By Fire’.

The premise: Two competitors are challenged to make a historical sword.


The finished blades are tested against each other in three categories



And Will it kill?

The last test is what it’s all about – (well worth having a look on YouTube).

The competitors are given three days at their forges to create their blades.

What makes it more impressive is that most of the competitors are part-time hobbyists.

For them, it’s a way to deal with the stress of the daily grind.

Whatever the challenge, they take it on without fuss, you can see how much they love their art.

They don’t lose enthusiasm when things go wrong.

And although they want to win.

For them, the satisfaction of creating something so challenging is a reward in itself.

There’s a lesson in that.

Whatever the challenge put in front of you, don’t moan and give it your best shot.

You’ll find happiness and satisfaction whatever the outcome.



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