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Why Start Your Transformation Journey With Red Pill Fitness?

Maximum results, minimum time

At Red Pill Fitness, we're deeply invested in our client's success. We go above and beyond to help them achieve life-changing results.

Results Designed For You

Our personalised, goal-focused training plans have helped hundreds of over 50s women lose weight, come off medication and feel ten years younger!

More Than Just A Gym

We revolutionise personal training for those over 50 to transform your body, health, and life. Our proven systems provide a foolproof blueprint for success. We're not just a gym but your path to a better you.

What Ladies Are Saying About The Fit At 50 Programme


"They encouraged me to push past my limits and provided unwavering support."

"Before I started, I was struggling to lose weight and lacked energy.  

I had gone through menopause and noticed a significant change in my body.

The trainers at this program understood my unique needs and created a personalised plan for me.

Through their guidance and expertise, I was able to shed the excess weight and feel more energetic than ever before.

I cannot thank them enough for helping me achieve my goals and feel confident in my own skin again."


"Today, I feel healthier and happier than ever before, and I owe it all to this incredible program."

"I had been dealing with chronic back pain for years, and my doctor had told me that my weight was a contributing factor.

But I didn't know where to start when it came to losing weight and improving my health.

That's when I found Fit At 50, and it was a game-changer.

With their guidance, I was able to shed the excess weight and build muscle, and my back pain started to improve.  

I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take control of her health and feel her best."


"I am in the best shape of my life, and I owe it all to this incredible program."

"Red Pill Fitness helped me to develop a fitness plan that was tailored to my needs, and they encouraged me every step of the way.

With their support, I was able to shed the excess weight and feel confident in my clothes again.

They also helped me to prioritise my own health and well-being, which was a big step for me.

And perhaps most importantly, they helped me to rediscover my motivation and passion for fitness.

The programme is life-changing!"

About The Fit At 50 Program

  • Burn fat:  It gets hard to lose weight as you age, but we know the solution.  Look better in and out of your clothes in no time!

  • Have more energy:  We'll show you how to sleep better, relax more, and de-stress from your worries.
  • Move better: Do flexibility routines to make you move more easily and feel less stiff or sore.
  • Build strength: Stronger muscles and bones can help you avoid getting hurt and keep your independence as you age.
  • Accountability and Support: Our coaching will offer you support to help you stay on track to reach your fitness goals by monitoring progress, providing motivation, and offering guidance when needed.

Ready to Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life At 50?

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