With the government announcing the end of lockdown this week,

I’ve been reading many comments saying:

– The government need to keep enforcing X!

– What about Y!?

– And they should keep Z.

The truth of the matter is,

You are not a child, and the government aren’t your parents.

(I mean, can you imagine how shit of a father Boris is to his actual children!?)

The only way out of this mess is for you to take ownership of your health.

Boost your immune system by:

– Losing weight.

– Eating better quality food.

– Reducing stress.

– And getting sufficient fresh air and sunlight.

Don’t be passive and only rely on pharmaceuticals.

Because saying vaccines are the answer to this mess,

That’s like saying insulin is the cure for obesity!

Yes, both jabs help

But surely prevention is the best treatment!?

Take ownership of your future


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